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Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Alumni Testimonials


Heretofore are Bounty Hunting School Alumni Testimonials that arrived at the Bailspeak Office via Post Seminar Evaluation Forms, Facebook posts and messaging, Bailspeak Bail Bond Message Board, Email, and good ole fashioned United States Postal Service letters.


Nearly 4,000 people have undertaken Bailspeak’s unrivaled Brand of Bail Education Bail Agent Pre-Licensing and Bail Fugitive Recovery online classes, live certification classes, and Bailspeak’s Bounty Hunter Street Training Program.


Naturally, Nicole and I cannot fit decades of very kind words onto this one page, so we decided to offer the most recent quotes in an effort to show that Bailspeak is continuously working to improve and never growing complacent or taking its students turned Alumni for granted.


Enjoy ~ Christine, Pictured Left Above

Bailspeak Senior Registrar ~ Seminar Logistics Coordinator, Elise, is shown in the above photo with Seminar Expediter, Joey, and each of the “Ladies” are posing with the “Bailspeak Wall” behind them.


Bailspeak does not keep digital records of its Alumni with the exception initials and email addresses for those Bailspeak Alumni who opt in for the Bailspeak Newsletter; other than the newsletter, which goes out almost quarterly or if there is something to report, all records of Bailspeak Alumni are kept in old school files as is required by the California Department of Insurance for spontaneous audit purposes.


Bailspeak does not sell or share your information with private third parties, and you will never, ever be contacted to disclose that your private information has been compromised by hackers, as is the case with major retail outlets, banks, and credit card companies—not on Rex’s watch!

“This course opened my eyes further into bail then just recovery work. I hate courts! Rex really breaks down the topics at hand and makes it very understandable. Cannot find a negative word about this class.”

“Very experienced instructor. Enjoy the stories.”

“Very open opinioned. Very good guy. Great personality & brains instead of just brains.”

“The instructor was funny, on point, professional & most important knowledgeable and not boring.  Straight shooter; down to earth; he’s awesome, likeable dude; great real world experience.”

“The materials and subject are very complex. Instructor does an excellent job navigating the info and students. Motion portion will keep houses from going to Kansas.

“Very informative. Excellent course. Impressed by knowledge & experience.”

“Kept it/made it fun & real by not just reading codes.”

The way the speaker compiled everything.”

“Learning new things, to be able to understand lecture. Not enough time spent on courts, motions, etc. Very knowledgeable, great instructor, he motivated me to want to take more learning.”

“Valuable info! My brain is maxed out. Thank you for all your help! I love this industry.”

“Fast pace, never boring, learned a lot of useful info. It would be nice to have a class closer to Santa Barbara or Ventura County. Very knowledgeable instructor.Nice to hear stories of “real life”experience.”

“The speaker kept me into the class.”

“Great overall instruction, class and time. Wasn’t so text book, kept you involved and yet very informational at the same time. It was a pleasure to meet such an accomplished individual within the bail industry.

“Thank you for class. Information given.”

“The first hand experience and relatable scenarios was key. Information was relatable to real life. Thank you for this course, not being like any other state certified course.”

“Engaging and knowledgeable lecturer. The material and presentation.”

“It was very detailed and in a way complex but Rex did a great job of simplifying it for me to comprehend.”

“Valuable info! My brain is maxed out. Thank you for all your help! I love this industry.”

“Fast pace, never boring, learned a lot of useful info. Very knowledgeable instructor.  Nice to hear stories of “real life”experience.”

“The speaker kept me into the class.”

“Great overall instruction, class and time. Wasn’t so text book, kept you involved and yet very informational at the same time. It was a pleasure to meet such an accomplished individual within the bail industry.

"Everything was on point. It very useful if you’re really interested in bail. I liked the way its presented. No, everything was useful."

"So much information and helpful, the break every 50 minutes makes it go quicker. The interaction makes you remember things. The stories are very helpful as well."

"Its teaches lawfully and keeps us on a safe side. Open conversation."

"Has everything and informative. Keep us the good work you are highly motivating."

"Rex was very knowledgeable. Nothing to complain about."

"The information was extremely helpful. The real world experience greatly ??? the entire course. How Rex presented the law and then save the context in “real world” terms in which we would most likely to see. I would have liked to see more on the process. Great Job!"

"The instructor was real funny and very informative. The info. Been doing what you’re doing, helping people stay out of jail."

"All the information with details included. Excellent. Did not disagree with anything, all was very helpful."

"The instructor made the presentations very fun and interesting. There were a lot of handouts that are helpful for the test. The information that was given and the way it was taught. I obtain a lot of information that I didn’t know. I would now look more into this. The instructor is a well presented Agent. He knows what he is talking about. He makes your learning experience exceptional."

"It was pleasure being in class for my studies. The instructor was really amazing."

"The stories. Thank you for sharing your knowledge."

“I gained knowledge from Rex’s personal experience and knowledge of the legal aspects and orals of the industry.”

“I didn’t fall asleep! Rex kept us engaged! I thought I was going to hate it but ended up learning a lot and enjoying myself at the same time.”

“Keep it up! It was different from other courses! Very good course!”

“Pushed my thinking capacity. Not enough time to cover everything I’m curious about.”

“High level of Rex’s experience and related stories. Not enough specifics on case law for CE to pass test.”

“The convenience of the small BEA class in Sacramento

“Information on 1305(j) and the definition of what a motion is.”


“I’ve attended the bail pre-licensing class at Bailspeak. I was able to obtain a copious amount of knowledge from the instructor Rex Venator, a renaissance man of the bail industry. Not only did I learn all aspects of legalities, liabilities, terminology, articulation and personal protection. I was taught ethics and mental conditioning. Currently, I am an active Bounty Hunter with plenty of work to keep me busy. I can honestly say, without a doubt, that I would not be where I am at today if it were not for Mr. Venator and Bailspeak. I look forward to attending another one of the many other courses Bailspeak has to offer. This course is a MUST for anyone who is entering into this field.”

~ Email from Bounty Hunter & Proud Bailspeak Alumni, August 23, 2010


"I am an ex Law Enforcement Officer who has taken several hundred training courses in my career, but nothing compared to the training I received from BailSpeak. Rex...cover all aspects needed to be be successful in the Bail industry. BailSpeak will teach you both Bounty Hunting and Bail laws.

If you want to be successful in this industry, you must apply yourself and take the time to research laws, case law, bail laws, contract laws, motion drafting and court appearance. Bounty hunting isn't just about strapping a gun on your hip and hooking and booking. Sometimes skips hide and u won't be able to find them, so you will have to go from handcuffs to using a keyboard and technicalities to get the bail bond company off the hook.

I have seen bounty hunters who are one dimensional and not willing to learn all aspects of bail come and go in the short time in the industry. There are plenty of doors to be opened in this industry, but you have to turn the knob and not just wait for someone to open it for you cause it won't happen.

If you are going to spend the money to get into the bail industry, spend it with BailSpeak because you will learn all of the aspects I just mentioned and you will learn how to do things the lawful and liability free way where you will not learn that through some of the other classes."

~ Hawk, Bail Enforcement Forum

"I would like anyone reading this to know one thing. Rex knows this business! I've had the distinct pleasure of apprenticing with, and working side by side with Rex. I can definitely say from first hand experience that when it comes to working all aspects of a bail recovery case Rex's knowledge is unparalleled, especially when it comes to the legal aspects of avoiding liability. When it comes to being tactical in the field, well let's just say that I wouldn't hesitate to clear a house with Rex as my partner.

With the knowledge I gained through working with Rex I was able to land a position as a full time bail investigator with a major bail agency here in California. If it hadn't been for my association with Rex I wouldn't have had the success I've had so far in the fugitive recovery business. In just four months I've successfully closed out over 50 cases and I've saved my company over a half million dollars in liability. So far, not one of my cases has gone into summary judgement, and I've kept myself free from liability as well. And that all comes from the basics that I learned about this business while working cases with Rex.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you are visiting Rex's website and reading this now, then you obviously have an interest in the fugitive recovery business, and if that's the case then all I can say Rex's products! They'll be a virtual goldmine for you!”

Thanks Rex!"

Sam James


“I have not lost a single motion since I took [Bailspeak’s Bail Motion class], and I am also winning motions to extend time, because of [Rex’s class], when others there [in Court] are not getting [granted bail motions] theirs. I tell everyone if they want to win motions then take Rex’s [California Department of Insurance Approved Bail CE for six hours] class.”


-Veteran Bail Bond Company Owner & Private CE Client, July 19, 2013





The following video includes subject matter that is only intended to be considered as a Quick Startup Guide on what you should question and research when deciding if wearing body armor is right for you.


DO NOT wear body armor containing or made with Zylon!!!


Wearing body armor has been reported to increase the survival chances of those involved in serious vehicular accidents and collisions with wild animals.


The decision to engage any in activity that may necessitate the need for one to wear body armor should be taken very seriously because we are talking about wearing something that is supposed to stop bullets from entering the parts of your body covered by the body armor.

·         Body armor should not be considered bullet proof; body armor should be considered bullet resistant, and special body armor is needed for stab protection from threats such as sharp knives or ice picks.

·         Never, ever, purchase second-hand, used body armor.

·         Never, ever, purchase body armor from anonymous Internet sources, non specialized online stores, or other decidedly creepy places.

·         Never barrow your buddy’s body armor who can’t tell you where his loaners vest came from.

The Pros and Cons to Tactical Vests

1.      There are all kinds of methodologies to bounty hunting, and not all investigations are handled the same way due to the fact that no two bail jumper cases are identical.

2.      Going through a door after a wanted felony fugitive looking at 25 to life is not a good idea, but sometimes we go through doors and stumble upon such persons.

3.      Low profile investigations aren’t really low profile if one looks like a SWAT operator.

4.      Concealable body armor is my person choice.  I can wear it in low profile mode and under a tactical vest if the investigation calls for it.

5.      Lastly, if a bad guy decides to take you out, will he target your tactical vest or your face?

These are some considerations for your choices on body armor.

Body armor comes in all kinds of different levels and configurations, but we’re going to stick strictly to bail enforcement or fugitive recovery.

·         Make sure you yourself can legally possess body armor.

·         Employ no less than Level IIIA Kevlar panels in your vest, which offers a bit more blunt force protection and is also rated to defeat more of the uncommon rounds such as .44 Magnum hollow points and 9mm sub-machine gun rounds BUT not rifle rounds.

·         Make sure you can move around in your vest choice.  It shouldn’t be too restrictive if possible.

·         Confirm your choice meets the National Institute of Justice ballistic standard of no more (01.01.04) than 1.7” or 44 mm of blunt force indentation trauma, which can kill if a dent caused by a bullet impact is too deep even if the bullet does not pass through the ballistic panel in question.

·         Your vest should be a full wrap around; don’t leave your sides exposed.

·         Get professionally fitted in-person by a manufacturer’s authorized dealer if possible, or take the extra time to contact a reputable source such as the bail enforcement equipment supply store.

·         Six to eight weeks’ll get your body armor.


Manufacturers of body armor products generally recommend changing out your body armor every five years, as Kevlar is believed to degrade and be less likely to defeat bullets with prolonged exposure to body sweat, extremes in cold and heat, and from just general wear.



·         Your vest can’t stop bullets if you don’t wear it.

·         Store your vest flat at room temperature when you’re not wearing it.

·         Do not leave your vest in a vehicle full-time.

·         Keep track of how old your vest is; is it time to replace it?

·         Don’t loan out your used vests to your buddies or anyone else if it is older than 5 years old, been sitting in a trunk for weeks, months or years, or if you picked it up at a gun show, Ebay, or anywhere else but in-person such as a police supply store.


It is my sincere hope that this short Bailspeak Bail Training School video has given you some direction on your research for how to purchase body armor.


Get professionally sized and order your bounty hunter body armor at any Live Bailspeak 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing Event, which are routinely held in Roseville, Sacramento, Modesto, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Diego County—Coming Very Soon to a bail school class near you.


Please Note: a background check is required for body armor purchases.

So You Want to Register for a Bounty Hunting Class?  Here is the Phone Number: 1-877-726-9092

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Bail Classes from Sacramento to San Diego.

“All information was pertinent and well presented.  Exceeded my expectations.  Interesting, informative, entertaining.  This course and Rex have interested me in the possibility of furthering a career in bail in additional to fugitive recovery.”


“I am new to this type of work and I found it very informative.  It had a lot of information.  It helped me to understand what is happening.”


“[I liked] Learning by examples of situations.”


“The material smoothly transitions and the tests came easier because of it.  I feel like you were the most knowledgeable person that could teach a class like this with your background and experience.:


“This class has given me the knowledge and confidence to be successful in this business.  The stories, they help tie everything together.  Thank you!”


“Rex is the man!!  Very knowledgeable and very passionate about what he teaches us.  Very interactive, very engaging presentation.  Rex is the Man!!!”


“Highly recommended.  [I liked] the class interaction.”


“I liked that Rex was able to simplify some complex information and make it digestible.”


“This course provided a clear and concise delivery on subject matter.”


“The subject matter is new so a little difficult; however, Bailspeak and its employees have been a picture of professionalism.  The ease to which Bailspeak was able to make me feel.  I appreciate Rex’s willingness to understand me as an individual requiring unique treatment.”


“[I liked] the speaker’s ability to make course material relevant.”


“Focused strongly on what I was interested in and gave really good examples.  Glad we took this class!”


“Great personality, tons of educational topics were covered.  Lots of attention for each student.”

“Awesome!! This class had me totally prepared to pass the bail exam as well as having some real life tips on etiquette, image, and safety in bounty hunting as well as writing bonds.


Rex has a vast knowledge of both the business and the laws. He makes the information easy and enjoyable to learn.


I will always use Bailspeak to refer other people and do my continuing education. You can trust your getting what you pay for and more here!”


~ San Diego, Bailspeak Alumnae – 2015