Sacramento Fugitive Recovery Training
20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Bounty Hunting School

20 HOUR BAIL AGENT PRE LICENSING ROSEVILLE BAIL CLASSES are privately held at an undisclosed Roseville, California location for those professional bounty hunters, bail bond company owners and other persons who wish to order California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Courses or other Advanced Fugitive Recovery Agent training classes in firearms, tactical medicine, Taser User Certification, and CDI Approved Continuing Bail Education Classes totaling up to 18 hours of bail agent license renewal hours.


BAILSPEAK has become the Number 1 Choice of Top Bail Industry Recruiters looking for new hires to fill jobs in bail agency clerical positions, bail enforcement agent divisions, as posting agents, bail agents, and sole proprietorship bail bond companies that have come to believe in California’s Fastest Growing, Most Transparent, and Most Trusted Name in California Bail Education.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with its public bail agent pre licensing classes held in Sacramento and in many other cities and counties in California.





Roseville’s Only Verifiably Licensed Veteran Bail Bond Company Owner, Penal Code 1299 Compliant Bail Fugitive Recovery Agent, Published Author, California Superior Court Expert Bail Witness, and with a protracted and Verifiable History of Legally Drafting and Appearing in Open Court as an agent for numerous Bail Insurance Sureties within the meaning of California Penal Code Section 1305 subsection j and k respectively as a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider Bail Instructor.




Your new hires will not be offered “surety contracts” or “bail applications” or be “offered paper” or otherwise be subjected to recruiters at any Bailspeak Bail Pre-Licensing Training Event because Bailspeak will not violate the trust of its clients.

Call 1-877-726-9092 for Enrollment Information or to Schedule a Private Class in Roseville, California


This is the bail school that California’s Major Bail Bond Corporations, Bail Bond Companies, and Top Tier Bounty Hunting Operators turn to for Lawfully Required Certification in order to complete the employment process for new hires concerning ongoing job openings.


This Bail Education School is the Only Sacramento Area Bail Agent Pre Licensing School that built its reputation on trust with local bail bond company owners by and through a long history of providing Mobile Continuing Bail Education privately held at undisclosed bail offices and even at the private homes of bail agency owners for the convenience of security and privacy.

“The instructor was very specific and used life events as examples.”


“Rex, you’re awesome!  Explain information very well, easy to follow.  [I liked] Everything!  Crash course, but glad its pretty easy to understand!  Thank you!  I can’t wait to tell you I passed the exam!”


“The real life examples & practical application.”


“The anecdotes & reviews.  Rex, continue teaching!”


“I liked topic on bounty hunting.  Good job!”


“I totally loved all the instructor’s personal stories & experience.  Very awesome & knowledgeable.”


“Rex has taken a lot of time and effort into this and it greatly shows.  Rex kept us on our toes!  Keep up the great work!”


“The handouts.  Rex uses the codes to real life references.”


“Great example how the codes apply to actual court cases.  Very informative.”


“I enjoyed the class.  The instructor was very professional and explained everything really good.  I will highly recommend to anyone.  What I liked about this course is that the instructor explained everything with detail.”

“It was very informative.  I found it inspiring and learned a lot of new things.”


“Excellent insight regarding topics.  It was extremely interesting with details and stories. You ROCK Rex!”


“Good, relative stories.  Excellent, comprehensive handouts.  Good job!”


“Great examples!  Everything was explained well, life experiences for each lesson was great!”


“The idea that he not only had personal stories but stories from other bail agents and bounty hunters.  Very well educated and wants us to all be the same!”


“The energy of the instructor, the info about what happens if a defendant fails to appear, the topic of techs.”


“Kept me interested and didn’t put me to sleep!  Liked all the personal experience shared.”


“I feel ready to take the test and pass!”

“The speaker was humorous and had many interesting/funny stories to tell. Thank you Instructor Rex for your instruction.”


“I liked the material that was taught!  It’s incredible how much knowledge the instructor has obtained throughout his career!”


“I like the book and handouts with all the information.  I wish we had more time to go over more stuff with Rex!  Very funny and cool!”


“Liked all of it.  I have a way better understanding of bail and the bail industry.  Fast paced, everything was great!”


“Rex makes it fun, even though it’s a lot of stuff and laws, etc.  He really does a great job!  Excellent!”


“The real life stories Rex shared all applied to a class topic.  Thank you!”

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This Bail Agent Does Know How to Motion a Court to set aside bail bond forfeitures and get paid from the bail agent who does not.

This Bail Agent Does Not Know How to Motion a court to vacate a bail bond forfeiture and win an order to exonerate his bail bonds.

There is, beyond all contestation, no other Bail Agent Pre Licensing or Continuing Bail Education School, anywhere in the Nation, that specializes in California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Courses that are designed to help new and veteran bail bond company owners and bounty hunters begin to understand how to successfully learn and traverse the highly complex and hyper technical aspects of bail bond law and motion—bar none!


Real People put their opinions about this Sacramento Roseville School in writing, and their quotes do not mysteriously change over time and with more new quotes from new students coming soon.

Congratulations to the 98.6% First Time Bail Exam Pass score report from a Bailspeak Alumni and 100% of the reported first time bail exam passes over the last four Bailspeak classes plus the following quote:


“I passed (bail agent exam) on Thursday; thanks for the help, and YES, you were right that I would pass! And as I went through my notes from class I had a detailed description of all three licenses that you had explained. I was just nervous about passing and now I'm going for my "Bail Fugitive Recovery Class" ... Thank You for your Patience and Knowledge as well as Inspiring me to be a P.I. as well.


I someday would like to possibly teach a course like you do, but know I have a lot to learn about this business?


You are an AWESOME Instructor and Role Model I look up too!”


THANKS ~ Bailspeak Alumni, Charlie Anaya Jr. -  2015