Sacramento Fugitive Recovery Training
20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Bounty Hunting School

Bounty Hunter Street Training was formally pioneered by my longtime partner and I who went on to form the Critical Response Training Academy in 1996 that consisted of one day of a lawful bounty hunting class followed by up to 72 hours of real bounty hunting so that new bounty hunters could get that critical “experience.”


That original program was the catalyst for what is today Bailspeak, and, while no real bail educator can reasonably claim to also be a full-time bounty hunter due to the nature of real bounty hunting, it is my position that bounty hunting capers should be “farmed out” to those persons who are Bailspeak educated at the very least.

The Bailspeak Bounty Hunter Street Training Program has been copied by others, but it is important to understand that there are laws bearing significant penalties or at least exceptional liabilities that explains why this Office is stacked with fugitive recovery operational videos and that none has been shared publically for years.


As for the Bailspeak Bounty Hunter Street Training Program, there is a process and with nearly 600 people on a list that moves very, very quickly as capers that I personally work comes up.


The reason why the list goes so fast is because most people never took the steps to meet the minimum safety equipment requirements id est—possession and professionally fitted with no less than Level IIIA body armor, retention holster, 5.11 uniforms, duty belts, becoming PC 1299 compliant and etceteras; see the points list linked below as a PDF File.


The linked Bounty Hunter Street Training Application, re-posted again by numerous private requests amounting to popular demand, clearly categorizes the requirements and best way to find you yourself on a real bounty hunting team expeditionary fugitive recovery case.


These real bail jumper recovery cases vary in operational tempo, but those contacted persons on the list who present upon a call for service as indecisive, uncommitted, or are too busy with things like daycare or have no gas to participate are, sorry to say but this is real world bounty hunting, dropped to the bottom of the list or dropped entirely from the list; one is either ready to roll or not.


It is not this Office’s responsibility to make sure that applicants are equipped and have taken the initiative to meet the PC 832 requirements.  Bounty hunting does not work in such a way and manner that someone has to be, literally, dragged through the whole process to be ready to track, locate, and apprehend wanted felony fugitives to get paid; bounty hunting, life, and the world simply and purely and brutally spoken does not work such a way.

I currently and routinely have multiple capers on my desk, most of which I can tech out in court, but some may mature into full blown hunts coming soon.


Please forgive what may be perceived as a harsh tone in this post, but hunting very dangerous fugitives is Not a Joke, and there is NO room in my convoy, no seats in my hunter roamer vehicles, and NO tolerance for peter pan types because I will not allow my team or me to be endangered (read maimed or killed) by someone who is merely a dilettante with no future in bail or bounty hunting.


These are the realities, and I am very well known for saying things as I believe them to be in the real world for better or for worse.


Will you be ready?

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The Bounty Hunter Street Training Program Pioneer and Founder, Rex Venator ~ Circa Early 1990s

The Original Field Training Bail Enforcement Agents, Rex and Steve

~ Circa Early 90s


Real Student Quotes about This Bail Training School’s Classroom Portion of the Bounty Hunting Training Program as Written by the Students


“Instructor is very knowledgeable.  Very interactive.  Great course!”


“I learned a lot about law, very informative.  I think it was great and so was the instructor!”


“ Depth of information not typical of most courses.  Good, lively atmosphere, engaged learning.”


“Everything was very helpful and Rex kept it interesting.”


“Good instructor.  Instructor experience.”


“Very professional and knowledgeable.  I loved how it was related to actual events that pertained to real life.  I don’t have any dislikes!  Very professional.”


“Lectures and handouts!”


“How Rex brought in real life situations to the codes.  Thank you for bringing light on all codes.  I was lost, Rex found me.”


“Kept me awake.”


“So much good info!  See you next time!”


“Learned a lot.”

Formal Bounty Hunter Street Training was Pioneered by Rex Venator in the Early 90s as a way for New Bounty Hunters to get that Highly Coveted and near impossible “Experience” Demanded by those who Hire Bounty Hunters.