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The below photo suggests a justifiable and reasonable question that should be asked whenever talking to a California Bail Education provider director or any of its instructors when it comes to choosing whether or not any given 20 hour bail agent pre-licensing school is right for you.

“Are you now or have you ever been...” a bail bondsman, licensed bail agent, bail agency owner, or otherwise now or ever legally transacted bail or led any person now or ever or to reasonably believe that you are now a bail agent or have ever been a bail agent, and how can you offer people “paper” like a general bail agent to start their own bail bond companies if the answer to now or ever being a bail agent is “no” but “yes” to being an expert in the transaction of bail and behaving like a general agent allegedly “getting people their ‘paper?’”


Conversely, Bailspeak’s director’s background consists of prior military and civilian law enforcement training and experience, is an active bounty hunter with over 24 years of training and experience, and is a licensed bail agent/bail bond company owner for over 18 years that includes 18 years of bail law and motion advanced bounty hunting experience; moreover, its instructors are all licensed bail agents, bail agency owners, and PC 1299 Compliant Bounty Hunters.


Protecting the Public for nearly 40 years based on military and civilian law enforcement, bounty hunting, private investigations, executive protection, bail education, and running bail bond agencies is the foundation for your California bail education series of 20 hour bail agent pre-licensing and continuing bail education with Bailspeak—like no other.

Very informative, up to date. Instructor shares real life scenarios which is very helpful.  Great class!  I will come back!”


“Willing to go over any subject matter that isn’t fully understood.”




“Lots of good information and real world examples.  Excellent instructor!”


“Great instructor!  [I liked] the handouts and the real life examples.”


“Lots of good real life examples.”


“[The class] taught me key elements needed to run my new company.  I would have like to stay longer!  I will call him in the future for new hires and continuing education.”


“Great information.”


“Very informative.  Impressed by the immense knowledge [Rex] has.  Looking forward to continuing education.”


“I would like to thank Rex for his time and wonderful class presentation and year of experience and knowledge he shared with us.  [I liked] how he [Rex] approached the topics and gave us scenarios about each subject and code.  Just thank you for your time you took to help us understand the material.”


“This seminar made me really think about going to law school.  Also I loved the pig test :).  [I liked] all the info I have gained and how easy Rex made it for me to retain.  I would have liked the class to be longer.  Very relatable, LOVED the examples & handouts.”


This California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education School is the only Northern and Southern California Approved Provider with instructors who are licensed bail agency owners, active bounty hunters, and bail law and motion experts in California Superior Courts.

California Penal Code §1305(j)


A motion filed in a timely manner within the 180-day period may be heard within 30 days of the expiration of the 180-day period. The court may extend the 30-day period upon a showing of good cause. The motion may be made by the surety insurer, the bail agent, the surety, or the depositor of money or property, any of whom may appear in person or through an attorney.


(“bounty hunter” isn’t mentioned in the above statute)

Bailspeak’s Sacramento – Roseville Bail Education School has non-stop roots in the first ever Bounty Hunter Street Training Program that was precipitated by the Critical Response Training Academy going back to 1994.  This statement of fact is wholly verifiable by loads of publically available photographs, videos, and witnesses who began their bounty hunting and bail bond careers with the principles of this specific bail training school.


“I really learned a lot from Bailspeak.  I think everything I learned will really help me stay out of jail.  [I liked] all the PC Codes and examples.  [Rex is] really good at explaining everything, amazed me and made me want to learn more.”


“Very informative on all topics!  I liked everything.  It was awesome!  Keep up the good work!”


“[The Class was] very good!  [I liked that] it was explained to the point.  Rex was very good about explaining all courses.”


“[I liked the] energy of the speaker, small classroom, his interaction with classmates and knowledge.  Great job!  Eager to learn more!”


“[I liked the] information, presentation style and quizzes/tests.  I really enjoyed the course.”


“[The Class has] a lot of information presented in real life experiences and felt helpful for working, practical knowledge.  [I liked] everything!”


“The stories helped out!  The quizzes also helped me get back into test taking.  [I liked the] experience Rex & Ms. Dee brought to the class and wish we had more time with them.”


“[I liked the] efficient use of time, schedule of topics, material handouts, level of energy of the instructor.  Great Class!  The level of interaction was perfect, great place to network.”

BONDSMAN & BOUNTY HUNTER Pre-Licensing Certification in California is a critical first step towards exploring the world of bail bonds and/or the bounty hunting lifestyle.


Operating a small business bail bond agency or prowling and growling the mean-streets of lesser known California is quite literally a hyper-specialized trade rooted in English Common Law and with the some of the earliest recorded suggestions of a bail system going back to Egyptian antiquity.


Today, an 1872 United States Supreme Court decision triggered American states the legal precedent to fashion the laws and regulations concerning bail bond companies and bounty hunters or even to have commercial bail—not all states have commercial bail.


The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is a part of the Bill of Rights and reads respectfully and substantially as follows: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”


Stated differently, bail and bounty hunting laws, applicable regulations and other requirements are up to the individual States and NOT governed by dictum because the Judicial Branch of government isn’t supposed to make laws with that task to be within the purview of the Legislative Branch of government.


While some may subscribe to the curious notion that bits and pieces of language of the aforementioned 1800s United States Supreme Court dictum somehow is law is not only troubling but also very dangerous to today’s active bounty hunters trained by people who cannot or choose not to consider any of the points raised above.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing school with classes held in Sacramento – Roseville, Salida – Modesto, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Diego County, and with the option to privately order any of its classes through special arrangements with Bailspeak’s staff.


Bailspeak’s instructors are real PC 1299 compliant bounty hunters, licensed bail agents who own bail bond agencies, hugely successful advanced agents for sureties operating in open court to close bail jumping cases and with other lawyers seeking expert witness analysis on criminal and civil matters, and is also the go-to bail school in California according to California’s top Bail Industry Job Recruiters for many of its services to the bail communities.


Call around, do your own research, and ask questions.  Bailspeak’s good reputation is beyond reproach and the only bail education provider that can honestly make the claims above in terms of its pedigree going back to 1994.




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